Let us travel in the Marauders Era. Learn the secrets, breathe the magic, live the love and obviously…watch the mischief. Let’s unravel the mysteries.
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 Kaitlyn Becket (DONE)

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Kaitlyn Becket
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Kaitlyn Becket

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PostSubject: Kaitlyn Becket (DONE)   Kaitlyn Becket (DONE) I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 24, 2015 9:58 pm

Kaitlyn Becket (DONE) Studen10
Kaitlyn Becket (DONE) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRRij5rHHH5EEeR-KtArj5gQ48da4iLdsGHkdpR_usqyqEO8gRu
Kaitlyn Becket

Kaitlyn Becket (DONE) Genera12

Full Name:Kaitlyn Becket
Birth Place:Britan

Kaitlyn Becket (DONE) Autobi11

Family:Kate is muggleborn and only every had her mother and father. Her mother died when she was 8 due to a Death Eater attack. her Father is still depressed, which means Kate basically has no one.

History: Kate was born to her two muggle parents, and spent basically all her life believing she was ordinary. Her first taste of magic came when her mother was killed when Kate was 8. While Kate did not know this at the time, her mother was killed by a Death Eater.. a random attack.

Well for the next 3 years she took care of herself and her father, since her father fell into a deep depression. Kate was thrilled though, when she learned she was a witch, and went to Hogwarts planning on being the best muggleborn there.

Kaitlyn Becket (DONE) Partic11

Appearance: She has long Brown hair, Storm grey eyes and a slender complexion. While she is still young, she is starting to develop breasts and currently is an A cup.

Personality: Kaitlyn is the quiet type, only speaking in classes and when spoken too. She is not very social. Yet she can be loud and deadly when she wants to be, or when herself or one of her friends are threatened.

Kaitlyn Becket (DONE) Rolepl12
(Takes place in the future/ copied from the app I literally just did on GA)

It was the finals of the dueling club. 6th year Gryffindor Kaitlyn Becket versus 7th year Slytherin Natasha Stark. Kaitlyn had two things on her mind... beating the Death Eater wannabe.. and missing her father who had died just a few months previously. Both stood on either side of the hall. "You ready to die Mudblood?" Natasha called across the room. Kaitlyn just stared and murmured "You'd die before your strike fell." When the Headmistress gave the begining call. Kaitlyn when into action, firing stunner after stunner at the Slytherin. Whom blocked all of them with a growl.

When Natasha saw an opening, she fired a body bind at Kate, who dove out of the way, front rolled, came up kneeling and sent a silent full body bind at Natasha, hitting her square in the chest. Natasha froze in more than shock, and fell to the ground with a crash, fully body binded. Kaitlyn then strolled forward and put a foot on Natasha's chest. She then murmured "Looks like the mudblood just kicked your pretty little ass" To which Natasha muttered something, and Kaitlyn was pretty sure she said "Wait until next time Lezbo." Kaitlyn then shrugged and walked away, claiming the trophy as her own.

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Brinley Storm
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Brinley Storm

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PostSubject: Re: Kaitlyn Becket (DONE)   Kaitlyn Becket (DONE) I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 24, 2015 11:15 pm

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Kaitlyn Becket (DONE)
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