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 Never judge a book by its cover (Open)

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Carly Waters
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Carly Waters

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PostSubject: Never judge a book by its cover (Open)   Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:11 pm

Carly walked into the study area. She looked around wondering if she should work on her charms or potions homework. She choice charms and took a seat at one of the tables she started to work. She pushed her dark brown hair out of her eyes and fixed her ropes a bit so she could work easier. She didnt love school work but it was better to do this then be bored all the time.

After she was about half way done she sighed and took a small break and stretched out she could hear some bones cracking a bit she yawned a bit. She had no clue what time it was but she guessed late. She was gonna finish this and her potions paper then head off for a nap. She went back to work cracking her wrist since it was sore a bit.

She then finished her charms homework and then set it to the side in her notebook so she knew were everything was. Her note book was old and was falling apart but it did its jop so she saw no reason to replace it at all. She then took her charms work out and got to work thinking very hard of what to put on it not wanting to get a bad grade at all. She loved charms with a passion.

After she was half way done she got very tired and yawned. She told herself she would finish this then head off for a nap. She then went back to work and as she finished she stood up and spun around picking her notebook up and starting to walk off. The browned haired girl bumped into someone dropping her notebook to the ground. She sighed and knelt down to pick it up fixing her papers.

"I am sorry i didn't see you or hear your come in" She said quietly to the person she had bumped into. She stood back up and looked at the person she had bumped into seeing that they were okay she smiled and turned to leave not wanting to be a bother.
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Never judge a book by its cover (Open)
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