Let us travel in the Marauders Era. Learn the secrets, breathe the magic, live the love and obviously…watch the mischief. Let’s unravel the mysteries.
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PostSubject: Eden Lupin   Eden Lupin I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 20, 2015 6:59 pm

Eden Lupin Studen10
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Eden Lupin

Eden Lupin Genera12

Full Name: Eden Artemis Luna Lupin
Gender: Female
Birthday: 10th March
Age: 13
Blood: Halfblood
Birth Place: England
Nationality: British

Eden Lupin Autobi11

Family: Mother - Hope Lupin. Father - Lyall Lupin. They were a quaint, hard working family that loved people endlessly and would do anything to protect their children. Eden's twin brother is Remus Lupin and she loves him greatly. They had a simple life, difficult due to the monthly changes.

History: Eden loved her life, she truly did. She had perfect parents who at first were frightened and unsure of how to look after two young full fledged werewolves. This had occurred because of Fenrir Greyback sneaking into their shared bedroom and attacking them both. They had tried everything to find a cure but nothing. They wanted to isolate the twins and homeschool them until Dumbledore appeared at their front door offering them to attend Hogwarts as long as he provides a safe place of changing every month.

Being sorted into Gryffindor gave the pair good, strong friends immediately and they felt safe and able to breathe without having to worry about their secret being spilled out to the entire school. Their friends, Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew only found in in their second year but still, they felt comfortable. Eden began feeling a part of something so strong. The isolation at that first year killed the pair. Their shouts of pain at the changing became something so legendary that the villagers believed the shack was haunted. Dumbledore encouraged this.

When the three found out, they vowed to learn how to become animagus to protect their friends. Eden, however, had feelings for Sirius Black but kept it on the downlow, never letting anyone know including her own brother.

Eden Lupin Partic11

Appearance: Wavy brown hair, hazel eyes that turn gold or red whenever she's angry or just threatening. (Gold normal wolf, red angry) Full lips, slim body and muscular from the constant training to get rid of the excess energy in her body. Scars all over her body from Fenrir, even jagged scars across on her face which were self inflicted from being a werewolf but despite the scars, she still looked beautiful.

Personality: Eden, even before becoming a werewolf, was a protective girl. Whenever she went to the park with her brother and someone would pick on him or her, she'd stand up and fight no matter what. She had a fire in her heart and despite feeling a massive amount of guilt since the age of five for not protecting her brother, she held onto the fire and kept fighting. Every month, she tries to shield herself off from everyone but the Marauders put up a fight and keep her close. She has big heart and is kind to the boys even when they pick on students. She's a prankstar and a good one at that, merciless when it comes to her pranks. She can be somewhat of a tomboy and doesn't give into the expectations held for girls. She's impulsive, her temper cannot be rivalled with and tends to think before she speaks. She's willing to fight to the death if someone she loves is harmed or threatened to be harmed.

Eden Lupin Rolepl12

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Eden Lupin
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