Let us travel in the Marauders Era. Learn the secrets, breathe the magic, live the love and obviously…watch the mischief. Let’s unravel the mysteries.
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 Adelaide Harmon

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Adelaide Harmon
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Adelaide Harmon

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PostSubject: Adelaide Harmon    Adelaide Harmon  I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 18, 2015 7:02 am

Adelaide Harmon  Studen10
Adelaide Harmon [/center]

Adelaide Harmon  Genera12

Full Name: Adelaide Harmon
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 27, 2002
Age: 13
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Australia
Nationality:  Australian

Adelaide Harmon  Autobi11

Family: The Harmons are very dark type of family. They find happiness in others misery and misfortune. Persephone is a lot like them in that case. Unlike her brother, she is pure evil and she loves it that way. Her mother and father are both halfbloods although they act very pureblood when they are around other wizarding families. They dispise mudbloods and try to get her brother, Parker to act more like them, but he refuses to judge people based on their blood. He wants to be more of a good person instead of an evil one like his family intends for him to be. It disgusts Adelaide.

History: Adelaide is the youngest child and an heir to the Harmon fortune. She is considered to be a princess in her family and is feared by most people. But she doesn’t want to be feared. Like her brother, sHe wants to be respected, but not feared. She wants to have friends and have a good life. She grew up alone in the shadows of the wizarding world with the rest of her fmaily and her brother, who is also her best friend

Adelaide Harmon  Partic11

Appearance: Blonde hair, hazel eyes, dimples, great style

Personality: Outgoing, perky, hyper, enthusiastic, loves singing, very musical, and great with people. She speaks Italian, french, spanish and Latin. So she will sometimes go into a language without realizing it. Adelaide may seem like an innocent little angel, but she is the spawn of Satan in a cute little package.
Adelaide Harmon  Rolepl12
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Adelaide Harmon
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