Let us travel in the Marauders Era. Learn the secrets, breathe the magic, live the love and obviously…watch the mischief. Let’s unravel the mysteries.
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 Tate Langdon

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Tate Langdon
Slytherin 4th Year
Tate Langdon

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PostSubject: Tate Langdon   Tate Langdon I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2015 11:34 pm

Tate Langdon Studen10
Tate James Langdon

Tate Langdon Genera12

Full Name: Tate James Langdon
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2001
Age: 14
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Bath, England
Nationality: English and a little bit of Swedish

Tate Langdon Autobi11

Family:Has no siblings, and his parents raised him to carry on the Pureblood tradition. They don't approve of anything other than Slytherin for house, and tried their best to help him become ambitious and cunning by giving him an opportunity here and there to sneak around. His father kept a tight rein on the household and didn't allow any slacking when it came to chores and once he was about to start at Hogwarts, prepping him for school.

History: A boy raised in the old Pureblood tradition, he developed a hard work ethic from a young age. When he didn't do his chores properly he was either disciplined by his father or went without dinner. Even now that he is in his fourth year at Hogwarts, his tendencies of hard work have remained. If he doesn't do as well as he should, he will intentionally skip a meal to teach himself a lesson. He is longing to become a Slytherin prefect and working hard to do well in all his classes. Is practicing to try out for the Quidditch team on the next year, in hopes of becoming a Chaser.

Looks forward to when he leaves Hogwarts, wanting to work inside the Ministry in the mysteries department. There are so many things that are rumored to be there, and mysteries have always intrigued him. Things that nobody else can see but that he could enjoy and work with, that is what he longs to do. Has occasionally studied the Dark Arts, and has found he has a knack for them.

Tate Langdon Partic11

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and is 5'8 and growing. Fairly muscular though is of the lean, runner's build sort.

Personality: His personality is one of cold, callous reality.Works hard and does his best to excel in every venture he tries. Doesn't make jokes often, but sarcastic when he does. Only loyal to someone if they prove beyond a doubt they won't go behind his back. He respects the cunning to do that to others though, and is often heading the pranks or mischievous activities of the fourth year Slytherins. Though few see it, he does have a small soft spot for dogs and magical creatures, and wants one of his own someday.

Tate Langdon Rolepl12

Tate walked into his Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, eager to begin the lesson as always. This was one area he excelled at because of his knack for the actual Dark Arts. Today the class was studying how to resist the Imperius Curse. When called upon, he decided to explain what this particular forbidden curse did. "The Imperius Curse is used to control others, be they humans or animals. If cast properly, it allows complete control of their actions until taken off. However, a person with a strong will can break the curse if they apply their mind in the correct way." he said, smiling when he received five points for Slytherin for his answer.

Soon they were each given a small hedgehog, and told to try to cast the curse on the animal. After three tries, Tate was able to get it properly cast. The boy forced the animal to roll into a ball and roll around in circles on his desk before eventually stopping its movement. Next he forced the animal to prick one of his classmates, and laughed when he got found out, the girl letting out a squeal when pricked. Though he received detention for it, Tate found that particular prank well worth it as the girl was rather annoying and whiny. Some Ravenclaw who had her nose in a book all the time.
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The Master
The Master

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PostSubject: Re: Tate Langdon   Tate Langdon I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 17, 2015 12:49 am

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Tate Langdon
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